4.  Summary

In the experiment to verify the effect of ginseng to improve body fat (lipid burning) in humans, it has been suggested, if not statistically significant, that ingestion of ginseng promotes lipid burning by 5-10% while at rest. In the future, in order to accumulate more rigorous scientific bases, a similar study will be conducted with more subjects.

Based on the measurement results of the body indexes and daily activity amount of those children from the participated elementary school, the necessity to analyze the result while taking into consideration of the fact that the meanings of those body indexes for 10-year-old children in development and growth stage are different from those for adults has been realized. Although the measurement period was as short as 10 days, the subject group was considered to have more than a certain level of daily activity amount, because more than half of the participated children met the target number of steps and moderate activity amount for their age. There was no clear correlation between the commuting method to school such as by bus or on foot, daily activity amount and body fat percentage.

By summarizing the results of eating habit & life behavior surveys conducted at the same time as the measurement of body indexes and daily activity amount, it has become clear that, while the target children have a certain level of correct knowledge of eating habit and diet, the knowledge of right eating habit and diet is not reflected in the actual situation. Similarly, as for daily activity amount, gaps were observed between the intensity & time recognized by the target children and the actual intensity & time for activities. These points indicate that the subject group of children was in line with the purpose of this project, which is to improve the awareness of children, necessary for moving toward the appropriate eating behavior and habit. Through the project of this fiscal year, those items for eating behavior and living activity to promote the change of children’s awareness have become clear, which are individual nutrient items (lipids, sugar, minerals) and food intake items (side dishes, fruits, candies) rather than the dietary balance. In the projects from the next fiscal year on, specific efforts will be made to change the awareness of children in order to lead it to behaviors, mainly by making use of the said items.

Ginseng has a distinctive bitterness and smell and is difficult to eat raw. In this year’s project, processed ginseng powder was used in consideration of the cost, cooking efficiency, uniformity of seasoning, etc. As with other seasonings, the heat-sterilized dried ginseng powder can be used as it is since there is no obligation of heat sterilization by cooking, imposed on this product.

It turned out that various ways of cooking are possible not only with heat such as frying, grilling, simmering, steaming and boiling, but also without heat such as dressing and pickling, by adding it as powder while cooking. Among school lunch menus, the menus that have distinctive flavors and popular with children, such as curry, Mapo tofu, meat and potato stew and spinach dressed with sesame sauce were suggested. These menus are compatible with ginseng powder in terms of taste and flavor, and the distinctive flavor of ginseng was masked with the strong unique flavor of these dishes. In the next fiscal year, our menu will be actually provided to the children as a school lunch in cooperation with the participated elementary school while referring to these menu suggestions.