7. Adverse effects and precautions when taking Panax ginseng

It is considered that taking/eating generally recommended amount of Panax ginseng at a short period is safe.

However, there is some adverse effects and precautions, as shown below, when taking or eating Panax ginseng. Make sure not to take or eat excess amount.


Adverse effects

– Long-term intake

Major symptoms are headache, sleep disorder, gastrointestinal disorders, and allergy.

– Individual with diabetes

Taking or eating Panax ginseng can sometimes strengthen the effect of hypoglycemic agent (medicine for diabetes.

Be careful when eating together with plant that has hypoglycemic action (gourd).



– There is a big difference in the amount of saponin, an active ingredient included in Panax ginseng, depending on its brand.

– It cannot be always said that the amount of components displayed on the product description is well correlated with the amount of functional components.

– There is a product that includes great amount of sugar.



Promotional project of transmission of information associated with “Integrated Medicine” in the Ministry of Health, labor and welfare of Japan


National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan