4. Type of Panax ginseng

1) Red ginseng

Panax ginseng with root being peeled off, steamed using bamboo steamer and dried (Red ginseng from Japan). If steamed, it gets red.

Root is being removed before drying for Chinese red ginseng and Korean red ginseng.

2) Cut end

Thin cut end being cut into round slices when the shape of thick part of ginseng is arrange to be used for the ingredient of red ginseng.

3) White hair

Root of the ginseng being washed carefully and dried.

4) Red hair

White root being steamed and dried.

5) Steamed

Ginseng being boiled for 20 minutes to an hour.

It tastes sweet because the flavor remains and being saccharified.

The unique process of Aizu.

It tastes a soil of Aizu.

6) Half dried

Ginseng being dried without applying heat.

The flavor remain.

7) Red meat

The root of ginseng being cut off and sorted.