Results and achievements in the 2018 research

1. Body fat improvement effect of ginseng or “Otane carrot” on humans

 In this experiment, the effect on the metabolic changes upon ingestion of ginseng, especially on lipid metabolism (burning), were examined on the whole body including brain and skeletal muscle while at rest.


2. Consideration of the lifestyle, based on the data obtained through body index measurement of school children

 The purpose was to grasp the current situation of physical condition and lifestyle of the target children by performing a body index measurement and diet & lifestyle research on the children from the cooperating elementary school prior to this research intervention, as well as to foster health awareness through the body index (body fat & daily activity amount) measurement experience activities by those school children themselves.


3. Gastrological consideration to make use of ginseng for school lunch and the menu suggestions

 Traditionally, the Otane carrot (the name for ginseng as a Chines medicine, which is used in Aizu), a traditional functional vegetable in the Aizu region, has been used as a foodstuff for tempura, etc., besides a Chinese medicine. Ginseng is known to act to enhance the body metabolism. For example, it helps recovery from fatigue. The aim here is to develop the school lunch menus and the menu suggestions to convey to the children the fact that there is a vegetable useful for maintaining health, among those vegetables traditionally eaten in the area.


4.  Summary