2. Education


Through the seminar activity, acquire the knowledge, information and techniques on nutrients and functionality of foods, all of which are required as a dietician. Enhance communication ability required as a member of society by students and teachers getting involved in the activity. 



Make sure to explain clearly, make a presentation and discuss about the research topic. 



Research and experiment on nutrients and functionality of components contained in foods 

  1. Absorption of carbohydrates and lifestyle diseases
  2. Intake of sugar and diet
  3. Functional components contained in agricultural products (especially traditional foods)

Application of original recipes developed using traditional foods in Aizu for contests 

Viewing of cherry blossoms, BBQ, Badminton, Food shop in College festival, etc 




Kazuya Hidari, Ph.D 

Keiko Abe 


Yuuka Endo 

Miu Kimura 

Mei Sato 

Noa Suzuki 

Yudai Suzuki

Ayumi Sekiya 

Chinatsu Mitsumori 

Kotomi Yokoyama 


Performance in recipe contests 

Jury’s special award in the 3rd “Ten-ei Umai-donburi” recipe contest held in Ten-ei village 

Azusa Shishido who belongs to Hidari’ lab develops an original recipe  mainly recipe using beef, burdock and yakon which is characteristically cultivated in Ten-ei village.